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Our Mission

Saigon Children’s Charity USA (SCC USA) was founded in 1999 for the purpose of supporting its sister organization in Vietnam, Saigon Children Charity (SCC).  Since then, we have grown to serve the Vietnamese community as well as raising awareness for SCC's programs in Vietnam.  

SCC is committed to the elimination of poverty in Vietnam through education.  Our vision is to enable disadvantaged children to reach their full potential through receiving quality education relevant to their needs.  We do this by ensuring the most disadvantaged children, including those with developmental disabilities, receive a good education, maintain good health and sustain themselves and their families.  Education is, we believe, the most lasting and effective way we can help children and their families to escape from the cycle of poverty.   

In Vietnam:

  • Scholarships:  giving scholarships to disadvantaged children, including a monthly rice allowance, textbooks, notebooks, pens and a school uniform. 
  • Building Schools & Learning Environments:  SCC works with funders, local authorities and specialists to build kindergartens, primary schools, and special schools.
  • Vocational Training:  programs enable students to take up relevant courses that will ensure they can offer a trade or a skill that is in demand and will help them to secure good quality employment.
  • Working With Other Organizations:  funding of projects that promote the education and training of children with developmental disabilities with self-help skills, vocational training and social development activities.

In the United States, we are partnering with Vietnam Learning, Arts &   Cultural Center (VLACC).  For more information, visit

Congratulations to SCC in Vietnam on its newest partnership!


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