Saigon Children's Charity USA                  

Saigon Children's Charity was founded in 1992 for a specific purpose: to help disadvantaged Vietnamese children to get an education and a fairer start in life. Today, we continue to focus on the same needs.

Our programs aim to help the most disadvantaged children of Vietnam to escape from poverty through education and training. Our area of operation is in the south of Vietnam, around Ho Chi Minh City, extending to the Cambodian border and down into the Mekong Delta.

Our key activities include: 

  • Building Schools & Learning Environments: building public schools (mainly kindergartens) and improving existing ones.
  • Development and Vocational Training: providing training in English, computer skills, art, photography, and hairdressing, as well as hospitality training.
  • Scholarships:  giving scholarships to disadvantaged children, including a monthly rice allowance, textbooks, notebooks, pens and school uniform.  Plus access to a range of individualized help and advice.  We offer four types of annual scholarships:
    • Kindergarten—$150
    • Primary/Secondary School—$100
    • Vocational School—$200
    • University—$400
  • Working with other Organizations: helping small local front-line organizations working with children with a disability with small grants, equipment, advice and training.

Our Philosophy: 

We believe that a measured amount of carefully targeted help from us can make all the difference. We believe that by focusing on the educational needs of the most disadvantaged children we are able to achieve positive change for them. We measure our results in the numbers of children going to school, graduating from school, going on to university and those finding decent jobs.

Since our inception we have followed certain guiding principles: 

  • We help only the children in greatest needs.
  • We foster independence and avoid creating dependency.
  • We never replace the responsibility of parents, the authorities or the child.
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